Tenders are invited by open advertisement. According to the Tender conditions, an eligible Organization /Person will be awarded the contract for a period of One Year with a probationary period of 3 months.

The main purpose of the above service is, to provide fresh / quality food/ milk/ soft & cool drinks and other essential items for the students as well as the staff at concession rates.

The following 12 number of canteens are operating at present

Canteen at College House Premises
Canteen at Faculty of Science
Canteen at Faculty of Arts
Canteen at Faculty of Law
Canteen at Faculty of Management & Finance
Canteen at Faculty of Medicine
Canteen at Havelock Students’ Hostel
Canteen at Bullers Students’ Hostel
Canteen at Kithyakara Students’ Hostel
Canteen at De Saram (new) Students’ Hostel
Canteen at Muttiah Students’ Hostel
Canteen at Blomfontein Students’ Hostel

In addition to the above, following 02 numbers of Milk Bars are functioning.

Milk Bar at New Arts Theatre/ Faculty of Science Premises
Milk Bar at Faculty of Arts premises