Bursary is another form of financial assistance given to needy students.

Mode of Selection

An Application for Bursary is issued to all freshersselected to the University of Colombo along with the registration forms. The students should furnish the information with the relevant documents related to the details requested and submit the duly perfected application to the GramaNiladhari of the Division.

After certifying the details, application will be forwarded to get counter signed by the Divisional Secretary and forward the same to the University by Registered Post.

Transferred Students are requested to instruct the earlier University to forward their bursary applications to this University. No duplicate applications are issued except for a loss of an application.

Mode of Payment

After processing the applications, acceptance letter along with a form is issued to the students who are eligible to receive the Bursary according to the Selection Criteria and requested to submit the completed attached form where People’s bank savings account details of a student is requested to make the payment of Bursary through the bank.

Students are selected for full or half Bursary according to the marking scheme of the bursary. A student selected for full bursary receives Rs.2,000/- and a student selected for half bursary receives Rs.1,900/- per installment. University Grants Commission releases the fund for Bursary.

Payments are made in 10 installments per academic year. General Degree, Special Degree and Medical Degree students receive 30, 40 and 50 installments respectively in their entire undergraduate career.

If any bursary recipient is selected for Mahapola Scholarship (as selection for Mahapola Scholarship will commence after afew months of the commencement of academic year) his/her bursary payment is discontinued and Mahapola payment will be started. He/she has no claim to request bursary in future under any circumstance.

A list of rejected students is available at the Student and Staff Welfare Branch and studentscan verify and appeal with proof of changes in the income (retirement, death, pension etc. of parents/guardian)