Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Sociology 2017/2018

Applications for the above diploma for the academic year 2017/2018 will be entertained upto 30th September 2017

Application Form


The Post Graduate Diploma Program in Applied Sociology is designed to offer a general applied orientation within the discipline of sociology for those who have a university background in any discipline, practical field experience in any professional sphere of activity or both. The emphasis of the program is to understand how sociology has worked and could work in specific developmental situations. This exploration will be undertaken on the basis of a conceptual understanding of applied sociology as well as through a comparative understanding of how sociology could work in different locations looking into specific case studies as well as specialized subjects such as Environment, Health, Social Policy and Social Development, Social Issues etc. This is done through course work based on selected core courses and a number of applied orientated optional courses while the program also emphasizes research. It is expected that the course would facilitate the dissemination of applied sociology in a disciplinary sense as well as in provision of knowledge to engage in a constructive critique of development.

Once the course work is over, candidates are expected to undertake a research component on the basis of a topic and research design that they have already formulated and have been approved by the Department. Throughout the planning and the implementation of the research process, the Department will provide input to the candidates through the supervisors assigned to each candidate. We expect all candidates to cultivate a close intellectual relationship with their supervisors to ensure the successful completion of their research, maintaining rigorous theoretical and methodological standards and finally to produce a text in the form of an extended report that would indicate excellence in knowledge production. We hope the intellectual climate offered by the Department beyond classes and supervisory input would be utilized creatively by candidates.

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