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The Diploma in Journalism one year course was initiated in the year 1986 as a professional Diploma course for practicing journalists. The course was introduced under the leadership of Prof. J.B. Disanayaka. He was largely responsible for the development of this course over the years. Mr. Edwin Ariyadasa and Mr. D.F. Kariyakarawana were the key figures among founder members of this course.

Prof. Mrs. Kusuma Karunaratne was the first Coordinator of the Course and after that Prof. J.B. Dissanayaka , Prof. Anura Wickramasinghe and Dr. Mrs. Ajantha Hapuarachchi functioned as Coordinators until 2007. Then Mr. Kamal Waleboda was the Co-ordinator. So far number of journalists, media practitioners and writers, who earned name in their chosen fields have completed this course. This is the 23rd successive year and at present we offer this course in all three media: Sinhala, Tamil and English. This is the only University Diploma course, which is being conducted in all three languages. At present we offer this course for approximately 150 to 175 students per year. Present co-ordinator is Prof. Ajantha Hapuarachchi.

This Diploma Programme is primarily planned in order to provide basic knowledge – both theoretical and practical – to the students who have been selected for the course. This programme includes considerably a wide range of academic concerns specifically in the area of journalism and media studies. This programme will provide the orientation in the process of communication both print and electronic media, the background to communication and media activities, issues linked to the practice of media, the impact of communication and journalism on society, historical evolution and new developments and technological advancements in the field of journalism, and communication.

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Course Details

One Year Diploma in Journalism 


A training programme in Journalism is considered essential to meet the extensive demand for media education in the country. The University of Colombo has taken the initiative to offer a Diploma Course that full fills this important national need.

The course is specifically designed to offer theoretical training in journalism for those already engaged in media and those with some journalistic experience to acquaint themselves with university discipline and obtain a recognized qualification.

Course Objectives

  • To offer students a critical understanding of the theoretical aspects of film;

  • To enhance the role of Journalism as a profession in the development of Sri Lankan society;

  • To create adequate professional journalistic expertise in the country in keeping with the increasing for such professionalism at national and regional level.

Course Structure and Duration

The Course will consist of four units and each course unit will constitute 36 contact hours. In addition, all candidates will be required to write a project Report.

The course will be conducted over a period of one academic year.

Lectures will be held on Saturdays, from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. at the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo.

Course Titles

The titles of the four course units are:

  • Language and Communication

  • History of Journalism

  • Mechanics of News casting

  • Creative Writing in Media

  • The project report will be written on a theme related to the field of journalism and it shall contain not less than 15,000 Words.

Course Evaluation

The structure of the examination leading to the diploma in Film & Television shall consist of,
A.     Four Written papers each of three hours duration and
B.     A Production

The pass mark in each paper shall be 40%.
The pass mark for the production is 40%.

This course will be conducted in Sinhala. Parallel courses in the Tamil/English medium will also be conducted if there is a reasonable number of applicants.

Course Lecturers

Lecturers will be drawn from
(a).  Faculty members of the University
(b).  Visiting professionals in the field of 

Eligibility and Selection

The entry requirements are:

  • A person must have:

  • Passed the GCE (O/L) examination and 3 year experience in any field of media; as an employee, self-employee, free lance or engage in Media related creative work; 


  • Passed the GCE (A/L) examination and or above and one year experience for media related activities.

  • The applicants with the necessary qualifications may be required to appear for an interview at the Journalism Unit.

Course Fee 

Registration Fee  Rs.   1000/=
Tuition Fee          Rs. 28,500/=
Exam Fee            Rs.      500/=

Total                   Rs.   30,000/=

How to Apply

Applications can be obtained from the website of the Journalism Unit, University of Colombo and Academic and Publication branch of the University. Candidates are required to submit the completed application forms along with a bank receipt for the payment of Rs. 1000/= as the application fee. The application fee should be paid in favor of the University of Colombo to the credit of collection Account Ref. No. 304081400008 Peoples Bank Thimbirigasyaya Branch.

Completed application form should be submitted to:

Diploma in Journalism 2018 Academic & Publications Branch
P.O. Box 1490
Colombo 03.
Telephone: 2586712

For further details, contact:

Journalism Unit
University of Colombo
Tele/Fax: +94-01- 2500431

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