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Course Unit Selection for a Four–Year Degree Program in Arts

Once you have decided the desired study programme you want to offer, you must be aware of the rules and regulations provided in the By-Laws of the Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme that govern the conduct of the CUS.One such important regulation is the minimum number of course units that are mandatory for each academic year.

Minimum Number of Course Units from Different Subject Categories:

Year Major Subject Subsidiary Subject Other Subject(s) ELT Total
2nd Year 7 2 1 1 11
3rd Year 7 1 2 1 11
4th Year 10* - - - 10
Total 24 3 3 2 32

Source: By Laws, Bachelor of Arts Degree

*In the case of certain Departments in the faculty of Arts, presentation of a mini-thesis is compulsory for candidates who read for four year degrees in Arts. In such an event, the thesis is counted as two Course Units and therefore, eight (08) Course Units plus the thesis is considered ten (10) Course Units.

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