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Mandatory Course Units

For first year undergraduates, certain CUs are mandatory and others require auxiliary CUs. For example, when a first year student selects Demography as one of his/her three principal subjects, it is mandatory to take DMG 1101 and one other CU from the Demography stream or when a student intends to specialize in Economics and/or Geography, selecting FND 1106 or FND 1206 is mandatory to comply with the requirements of the Departments concerned. For those wishing to read for a Bachelor of Education from the second year, it is necessary to select FND 1110 in the First Year in Arts. Similarly for those wishing to fall into a specific study stream, it is mandatory to select the relevant FND units offered for you. (For example FND 1106 or FND 1206 is a prerequisite for four year Special Degree in Demography) However, students are advised to consult the relevant Departments to obtain up to date information on such requirements as Departments make regular changes to their curricula.

Students are selected to follow special degree programme based on performance at the first year examinations. Students are selected to follow the Bachelor of Education (special) degree based on their performance at the first year examination and the FND 1110

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