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Failed Course Units

It is mandatory to complete all failed CU(s) if there are any. A student can get his/her Degree only if s/he has passed all the required CUs.

When a failed CU(s) is successfully completed, the actual grade earned by the student at the repeat attempt will be shown in the detailed result sheets, transcripts, etc with the special symbol ‘RC’. However, when computing the Grade Point Average (GPA), the grade point value assigned to repeat CU(s) will be 2.00 only.

Under the CU system, students who read for a three-year General Degree program have up to five consecutive years from the 1st year to complete the Degree without penalty. Students reading for a four-year Special Degree program have a maximum period of six consecutive years from the 1st year. Students need to obtain prior permission from the Faculty Board/Senate for prolonging their period of study in this manner. Students who prolong the time without prior approval by the Faculty Board/Senate will be disqualified from obtaining a Class.

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