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Absence at Examinations

Students who are unable to sit for the final examination due to genuine reasons other than illness, can make appeals to the Appeal Board with supporting documents. The Appeal Board carefully scrutinises such applications before arriving at a final decision. All such appeals are required to be handed over to the IDC within two weeks from the date of the examination.

Students who, because of a genuine reason such as illness, are unable to sit for the end of semester examination(s) should submit a medical certificate issued by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)/ University Medical Officer (UMO) of the University of Colombo or a valid Medical Certificate recommended by the CMO/UMO within two weeks of the date of the missed examination along with the perfected form issued by the IDC. Only MCs recommended by the CMO/UMO will be accepted by the Faculty. The CU(s) will then be considered incomplete. When the CU(s) is offered again, students can sit for the end of semester examination and complete the CU(s) at a future date without hindering their prospects for a Class. Therefore, the IDC urges all undergraduates to submit MC(s) with utmost responsibility to minimize/avoid possible inconvenience to you.

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