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Operational Procedures of the Ethics Review Committee for Social Sciences and Humanities (ERCSSH)

The Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, has developed procedures to ensure a sound ethical scrutiny of research activities carried out by its members, including academic staff, postdoctoral fellows, postgraduate and undergraduate students and visiting researchers(foreign)(see Guidelines). Members of the academic community of the Faculty are expected to have an awareness and an appreciation of ethical and related issues and its relevance for their research. The ERCSSH will provide written information about its procedures and terms of reference for all relevant members of the Faculty, and will carry out its work in accordance with its guidelines. The operational procedures for considering the ethics issues are as follows:

1. Research proposals relevant to social research and Humanities involving human participants, social events and phenomena will be submitted to the ERCSSH through the Secretary/ Coordinator of the Committee.

2. The research proposals should be received by ERCSSH no later than 14 days prior to a meeting of the ERCSSH. ERCSSH meetings are conducting once a month (1st Tuesday of the month).

3. The ERCSS will specify the format in which proposals should be submitted

4. The ERCSSH will consider the application in accordance with the procedures set out in this document and its appendices.

5. The Committee will inform the applicant of the decision and any amendments that need to be made or reasons for not approving the research proposal.

6. If the research application has not been approved by the ERCSSH, the applicant may make an appeal concerning this decision to the ERCSSH.

7. Full records of the decisions of the ERCSSH will be minuted and the records will be kept by the Secretary/ Coordinator.

8. The ERCSSH has specific procedures for undergraduate /postgraduate students of the Faculty of Arts as follows:

  • Undergraduate/post graduate students who seek ethical clearance/ approval from the ERCSSH should submit their research proposals through their supervisor.

  • The revised proposals should be approved by the supervisor prior to resubmission to the ERCSSH for consideration.

  • It is the prime responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that his/her student/ supervisee follow the principles of ethics in preparing the research proposal.

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