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Guidelines for preparing the Consent Form for the Ethics Review Committee for Social Sciences and Humanities (ERCSSH)

The following guidelines are recommended by AFRERC in preparing Consent Forms:

1. The extent of details provided should be in compliance with the nature of the study

2. Contact details of the Principal Researcher, Co investigator/s and Research Assistants

3. The language should be simple enough for a lay person/s to understand

4. All forms should indicate the date and project number given by AFRERC

5. A Copy of the Consent Form should be given to participants/ institutions/ Community Based Organizations

6. The Consent Form should be prepared in accordance with the nature of the research and participants

7. Document title should indicate that it is a Consent Form and should give the title of the study

8. The purpose of the study should be mentioned in the Consent Form

9. If rewards are available to the participants it should be mentioned

10. The researcher should mention the potential benefits of the study to the participant

11. The researcher should mention the possible risks of the study

12. Indicate the funder/s of the research( if any)

13. State whether the study has been approved by the AFRERC

14. Mention that the participation is voluntary and agree to take part

15. It should be mentioned that the participant/s can withdraw from participation at any time if they feel so

16. That consent is given if consent is sought to being audio/video taped and observed if necessary

17. That consent is given to store and use the data store for future use

18. It should indicate that the collected data will be destroyed if the participant decides to withdraw from the study

19. Should indicate that the participant has the right to take legal action if the agreement is violated

20. Both the researcher and the participant should sign and date the Consent Form.

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