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About the Ethics Review Committee for Social Sciences and Humanities (ERCSSH)

The issue of ethics in social sciences and humanities research has been subjected to extensive discussions as it is recognized that the ethical implications of research is an intrinsic part of good research practice. Research communities around the world have designed codes of ethics to promote high quality research that builds on sound ethical principles. It is now a widely accepted norm that researchers should present their research proposals to an ethics review committee and gains its consent and approval before starting their research. Considering this necessity, the Board of the Faculty of Arts has decided to establish an ethics review committee for social sciences and humanities within the Faculty to ensure that (a) The research activities carried out by the staff and students of the Faculty are appropriately scrutinized in terms of ethical issues, and (b) Ethical concerns and issues with regard to research are addressed by the researchers in accordance with the principles of ethics.

The Ethics Review Committee for Social Sciences and Humanities (ERCSSH) at the Faculty of Arts will be committed to supporting academics in pursuing their research in an environment that ensures academic freedom and support for researchers in maintaining ethical standards for quality enhancement in research within the University. ERCSSH also aims to promote a wider ethical awareness among the staff and students within the Faculty of Arts to be responsive to ethical considerations concerning research involving human subjects.

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