Diploma In English For Teachers Of English (DETE)



Target Group

This course is designed for teachers of English attached to schools in Sri Lanka who are keen on improving their performance levels in English with a view to further advancement in English language and literature teaching

The course will provide for active participation in language improvement activities in Listening, Speech, Reading, Writing and in acquiring a better understanding of English grammar. The course will be directly related to the work of the teacher in the classroom, as well as evaluation. The course will also include an introductory course in English Literature. The examination will consist of Continuous Assessment and written papers in Grammar and Composition, Reading Comprehension, Literature, Listening Test and an Oral Examination.

The Diploma in English for Teachers of English will be awarded to those who complete Part I and II of the course successfully.



Part I and Part II of the course each consisting of 160 teaching hours.


  1. A letter from the Principal or Head of the School or Institution where you are now employed, written on a school Letterhead  with the seal of the Principal and addressed to :

  2. The Co-ordinator, Extension Courses in English, Department of English, Old Library Building,University of Colombo, Colombo 03


    and stating as follows:



    This is to certify that Mr./Mrs./Miss ……………………. is a member of the teaching staff of our school/institution. He/She now teaches the subject of English in Grades………or will be             expected to teach the subject of English in Grades…………..in the future.  This letter is issued since he/she wishes to apply to follow the Diploma in English for teachers of English (DETE) to be conducted by the Extension Courses in English of the Department of English,  University of Colombo.


  3. An adequate score at the Selection Test.