Diploma In English For English Medium Instruction Teachers (DEEMIT)



Target Group

This course is for teachers who are already teaching and those who hope to teach in the English medium in Grades 6 - 11 who want to equip themselves with the required English language skills to teach subject related co Part I will consist of language enhancement in the skills of speech, reading, writing, listening and grammar. Part II will consist of practical teaching sessions. Each student will be required to teach a particular lesson topic in English. The rest of the class will act as learners by role-playing. After completion of a teaching session, a follow-up discussion will be conducted by the peers followed by an evaluation by the lecturer of the teacher’s performance. Shortcomings in the use of English will be identified with reference to the skills in Part I.

Teachers who are already fluent and accurate in the use of English and are efficiently performing their duties are requested to refrain from applying for this course.



Part I and  Part II of the course each consist of 160 teaching hours.